Urban Studies Paris Studio, New York - Paris Program, Columbia GSAPP | Spring, 2016

Professor: Alessandra Cianchetta

Individual Work

The Paris Palimpsest Project explores the urban renovation where new constructions and installations on historical sites serve as parts of urban space. It takes an area around the Louvre and the Palais Royal - two representative monuments along the historical axis - as the main studied site. 

The project focuses on how the old site has changed over time, in terms of spatial features, constructions, functions and how it is connected to surrounding open spaces. It looks into the cause and intention of several redevelopments in the history, especially how people at that time perceived the city and the changes after each renovation.


The city is like a palimpsest throughout the history. It kept traces of the built spaces being reused and reactivated. How did the urban space become what it is like today, and what was paralleled with the evolution? Among them, what role did people’s perception play? With technology rapidly developing and changing the way we understand the city today, how may the urban spaces update in the future? Learning from the evolution patterns in the past, how can we prepare for the next transformation?